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The agitators are mounted on permanent supports above or on top of mixing tank. This agitator can be used on open or close tanks. The shaft is vertical, with one or more impellers. A shaft sealing device is sometimes required depending on the application.


The agitators are mounted on flange on the side of tank normally near the bottom.
The shaft is horizontal, extending into the tank and equipped with a single axial flow impeller. A shaft sealing is always required with side-entering agitator



The agitators are mounted permanently under the bottom of the tank.
A shaft sealing device is always required with kind of agitator.



These portable mixers equipped with clamping Device suitable for mounting on the rim of vessel.
The clamp support can simply be unplugged, unclamped and move quickly form one vessel to another.


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These High shear agitators are primarily used in liquid mixing systems where a particle size reduction or a breaking apart of agglomerated solids is required.  Propellers and flat blades turbines are not classified as high shear agitators, since a major part of the mechanical energy transmitted by the agitator is used to circulate the liquid. Special agitators have been designed to minimize liquid flow.  These agitators have small blade areas and operate at high speeds.  This is the optimum combination for particle size reduction with low-to-moderate power consumption.

Vismec have been industry leaders in industrial equipment and machinery, with over 15 years’ experience prior to becoming incorporated as VISMEC CO Ltd. Our experience combined with German technology in designing agitators and mixers have now become a product of its own VISMEC Agitator.
Various industrial demands and requirements can be met with VISMEC Co.,Ltd. highly versatile design. This has been accomplished though practical.
Our experience throughout the years of meeting our clients demands, and continuous cooperation with them has allowed the company to continually grow in knowledge. Pride is taken not just in our know-how, but we also attempt to maintain high standards in quality control, fabrication, energy preservation, and ongoing after sale services.

VISMEC Agitator or Mixers offers a complete line of Top entry, Side entry, Bottom entry, Clamp mounted or Portables and Custom designed agitators. Our agitators are used in almost every type of process industry.