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VISMEC Company Limited was established as a limited company on November 2001 with its registered capital of 5 million baht.

We manufacture a complete line of industrial agitators or mixers to serve the chemical processing, petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, health care industries. In addition, we manufacture a comprehensive line of mixer and agitators for the water and waste treatment industry

We have a long time of experience for design agitators or mixers with Dr. C. Ekkehard Stelzer (DSTC-Stelzer Consulting Agitator) from Germany more than 15 years experiences before set up Vismec Co., Ltd. Many year of experience, combined with technology and Germany agitator software, are the support the product of VISMEC agitators.

We can design and fabrication agitator to meet various of the industrial need. For our know-how and experience build up over years by the company, new assignment, development and testing in cooperation with our customer. This make our company supply agitators under good design, engineering, fabrication, quality control and high quality workmanship and meet our customer demand, high quality product, save energy, after sales service and the best return on investment.