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ROTARY STRAINER SCREEN (Rotary screens external)

is a self-cleaning wedge wire drum screen specially designed for efficient solid-liquid separation.  It is an economical method for removing suspended solids in various industrial processes, such as food processing, wastewater treatment, chemical or pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Principle of Operation

Strainer screen is a rotating stainless wedge wire cylinder screen, which can remove suspended solids from various industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. The slurry flows in to the feed box enters and passes through the rotating drum screen by gravity flow, while the solids are captured on the external surface of the drum screen. The self-cleaning action of the screen is created by gravity flow. With our specially designed blade, the wastewater cascades through the screen can create a powerful backwash action and remove the separated solids.  The large mass of falling waters constantly backwashes the screen, resulting in continuous cleaning of the screen surface.